Attracting the right talent

Associate successful recruitment with increased company income 

Make internal recruiters aware of the fundamental relationship between recruiting candidates and the profits of the entire company. Previously successful candidates can have a direct impact on the income growth in your company. Tangible success doesn’t need to be achieved by people that are directly involved with billing. If one of your employees can negotiate well with your current clients, he/she should be a valuable source of information on what type of candidates to consider in recruitment.

Employees who are innovative will reduce your company cost. Make recruiters check what ideas and optimisations candidates have implemented in previous workplaces. This is especially important in rapidly changing industries.

People who deploy faster will save your line managers time. Make recruiters check the candidate's ability to acquire new competencies in their references. Candidates with lower salaries are not always a good choiceMake HR professionals or internal recruiters aware of the costs of unsuccessful recruitment, otherwise, you might put yourself in a “recruit cheap, recruit twice” position. Earnings should not be the only recruitment criteria. Recruiters can and should also consider candidates with higher financial requirements if they can offer an interesting skill set for the company.

The goal should not be to hire an employee but hire the right one.  


How to get the best candidates yourself thanks to LinkedIn? 

Training Recruiters and HR specialist to actively search for candidates via LinkedIn has many advantages: 

  • How to define key phrases in LinkedIn profiles when recruiting for specific positions? 
  • How to reach candidates with niche skills and specific knowledge? 
  • What to pay attention to when looking at candidate profiles? 
  • How to build a database of candidates for a given position? 
  • How to create an attractive recruitment message for the candidate? 
  • Which candidates could be of value to your organisation? 

Posting job offers on popular websites doesn't work for the most valuable candidates - those candidates are called "passive candidates". They are not actively looking for a job and often do not check job offers until someone approaches them and presents it in an attractive way. Having broad access to LinkedIn recruitment account is the main argument in the favour of using recruitment agencies. 


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