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DISC model



DISC recruitment method is made of 4 styles of behaviour developed by the American psychologist William Marston. By analysing human behaviour in a specific environment and in specific situations, it turned out that people with similar styles usually behave very similarly. Interestingly, every person has these 4 styles of behaviour, but to a different degree of their intensity; DISC is an abbreviation of the English terms for specific styles: Dominant, Influencing, Steady, Compliance.  

The DISC competence test gives feedback about:

  • Communication style
  • Sales predispositions
  • Individual approach to customer service
  • Factors motivating to achieve results
  • Determines the level of decision-making
  • Resistance to stress
  • Attitude towards change
  • Analytical skills
  • Preferred team roles or values ​​in the workplace

What does the DISC competency test define and measure:

  • What are your candidate's strengths and what motivates your candidate to achieve even better results
  • How does your candidate cope with difficult situations
  • How does your candidate see changes - as an opportunity or an obstacle?
  • How quickly does your candidate adapt to changes
  • What is your candidate's attitude towards applicable standards and procedures
  • How does your candidate try to influence the behaviour of others or convince them to be right
  • How does your candidate select the arguments in the conversation

Recommended uses: recruiting, team building, sales, leadership

We are convinced that the key to the successful hiring process is the appropriate selection of the search method and DISC method is highly recommended by us. Here is a simple DISC competency test that you can utilise in your business for no cost.  


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