Housing system in the UK

England, being one of the most visited countries in the world and highly sought after for employment and study, poses obstacles in respect to housing. You should take into account these obstacles when looking for employment, especially the boroughs, their distances from each other and the costs of travel. No matter where your first house will be, you should know in which borough you live in. This way, you can locate the correct council to gain access to services, resources and assistance.


The English postcode is made up of letters and numbers in two parts: XX0 0XX; the first letters usually indicating where in Leicester you live, as L & S means Leicester, etc. For example, the postcode of our office is LE1 3HR, where the number 3 say that we are in a 3rd circle from the centre of Leicester. You should learn your full address and postcode by heart as soon as you have an address.

In the UK there are different ways of acquiring accommodation. Usually for individuals, the first option is to rent a room or a shared flat. When you arrive with a family, you can consider renting a house or apartment.

Your first home in the UK

In the UK, you can rent a home from either a private landlord or a social landlord.

Private landlords - (individuals or companies) who rent private accommodation on the open market.

Social landlords - Organisations like local councils or housing associations that work with the government helping to provide social housing.

Local Authorities (Councils) have a system of local taxation on domestic property, known as Council Tax. Paying the bill is normally the responsibility of the person living in the property, either the owner-occupiers or tenants in privately rented or social accommodation. Council Tax applies for both private and social accommodation.

You can rent a private property directly from a landlord or through a letting agent who can charge some fees for the service. It is important to verify the landlord is operating legally.


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