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The following blog post will explore the common misconceptions and realities of working at a recruitment agency. The first misconception is that recruiters such as Accept are simply "headhunters" who find people to fill vacancies. Accept are responsible for hiring staff. Accept also do not just hire those with high salaries or qualifications; they consider other factors such as cultural fit or competency in their decision-making process. Additionally, if someone has been unemployed for an extended period after being made redundant from a company, it can be difficult to find work again due to the stigma associated with long-term unemployment and employers often shy away from this type of candidate.


Leeds Agencies


Are you looking for a job in the Leeds area? There are many agencies that can help. Accept recruitment is the best agency for this. We have an office in Holbeck House, 116 Dewsbury Rd, LS11 6XD, Leeds. The phone number for Accept Recruitment is 0113 486 1966. Accept recruitment helps people who are unemployed or at risk of long-term unemployment by providing employment opportunities.   


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