One-to-one career meeting

Do what you love, because that's what you will be best at

Our business is successful only because its made of individuals with passion for working with people, discovering their potential, and connecting them to the right job. Our common mission combined with courage, energy and creativity allows us to advise our candidates on their next career move but also on how great their potential is, how to develop their competences, and most importantly, finding a sense of meaning and fulfilment. 


Do you want to change your job? Do it wisely!

We know what needs to be done to make you an outstanding candidate, according to the specified industry and the position rank. We know the requirements of employers and by highlighting your professional strengths.


Most people don't consciously plan their careers. Do you?

Determining your professional development path on your own is not easy and requires a great deal of self-awareness and knowledge about the market.

It is even more difficult if you start looking for a job for the first time, after a long break, after returning to the country or after 10 years of working in one place. You may not know what the market prospects are, what are your competences and whether your experience may be useful.

One-to-one career consultation is an ideal solution for those who want to change their job but aren't sure where to start. If you don't know which career path to choose, you have doubts about the position you would like to apply for or you simply want to "upgrade" your job but not sure where to look, we are here to help.

We will define your professional goal and then indicate the most effective ways to achieve it. The service includes an hour-long meeting with our consultant either in person or online and assistance in:

  • Determining your competences, skills and strengths,
  • Support in defining your professional goals,
  • Identifying development opportunities in the current profession,
  • Assistance in determining the possibility of the industry change 


What makes us different?

We believe that each and every person is unique and that everyone can achieve whatever they imagine and plan. We can help you to redefine and rediscover your potential by making you realise on your inner powers and have a real impact on changing your habits, your career path and build your confidence.

In our work, we combine knowledge of positive psychology, sociology, mindfulness techniques, the latest research, and coaching practices. Our consultants will not only support you in the process of defining a professional goal and planning activities aimed at achieving it, but most of all they listen to you, guide you through the mental walls until the planned result is achieved.  





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