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Timesheet Instruction Guide

Our new timesheet system will hopefully make your life easier in getting your hours over to us. The system itself is easy to use once you are used to it - please follow this guide if you have any questions. We have included some screenshots so you can see a step by step guide. 

1) The first step is to click on the Timesheet Upload Link which is on the top menu of our Website which is http://www.acceptrec.co.uk

2) Click on the 'Don't have an account link'

3) You will find this screen - please fill out your details

4) We use your date of birth to identify in the administration section of website. Then click on the registration button

5) You will then see this screen, please click on Add Record

 6) Please enter your times for each day that has been worked. These should be entered in a 24 hour format with a decimal point between the hours and minutes ie 08.30 (please do not enter this as 08.50 as the system will calculate this as 10 minutes to 9 and you will be deducted 20 minutes) Put any breaks you have taken in the break section. Again a 3/4 hour break should be entered as 0.45. We need to know which customer the day relates to so please make sure to enter the customer name. To add in an extra day press the + button. Once all days have been completed for the week make sure your hours have been calculated properly on the Total Paid Hours. Once complete click save.

Please note that when the system calculates the daily paid hours it will change them to a decimal format - this is correct please do not try and change this.

7) If you need to upload an invoice or a physical timesheet then please use 'choose file' button

8) Once you have clicked on the save button, you will be taken back to this screen where you will be able to see all of your historic timesheets.




Should you have any problems then it will probably be due to how the hours have been entered. Check how the hours have gone in... Please have a look at the following example

Line 1 - the finish time has been entered as 21.75 instead of 21.45 - the system will calculate 0 hours

Line 2 - the start time hasn't been entered correctly - the system knows there should be four characters so the result is an error

Line 3 - the amount of break taken is more than the hours worked so a 0 is returned

Please check to make sure there isn't a similar issue if you having a problem