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You work in your comfort zone for a long time and feel safe about your position. As in every job, efficiency resembles a sine wave; after a period of calm and stagnation, there is a period of increased effort and productivity alternating from time to time. Still, you feel comfortable, relaxed and safe. But there comes a point where, out of the blue, you receive a notice on termination of employment. All because of the difficult situation on the market, cutting the company's costs and so on... and you had to be on the list of people to be laid off. You then ask yourself a question: Why me?

Upskilling is the most important word in this decade

Maybe as an employee, apart from a well done job, you haven't contributed anything extra to the company. Or maybe you just didn't develop your professional skills nor shared interest in raising your qualifications, and therefore you became "unattractive" asset for your employer.

According to the researches, less than 30% of Brits stated that they would not introduce significant changes to their professional qualifications. Yet, in the current pandemic environment, when the world had to stop and rethink the way of human existence, and because we are facing a tectonic shift in the workplace caused by technology, the workforce must learn new skills and competencies that are required for new and/or changing jobs.

What you can do - Learn-for-life mindset

The digital age requires that workers, especially in the warehousing, logistics or driving industries, have technical skills and an ability to acquire new competencies required by a remarkably fast-paced, fluid marketplace. To be competitive in the digital age, individuals and corporations require a learning-for-life mindset, collaboration between humans and machines, and a willingness to embrace new ways of doing things. With this approach, you will not only be a valid asset to the company you work for, but you will increase your chances to grow with the company.


What benefits you will gain?

1. More employment opportunities

The times when the concept of "permanent work" functioned well are over. The labor market is changing dynamically and today's Teacher might become an Operations Manager in 5 years. You need to be flexible and prepared for the career change.

2. You can get more

By developing your existing qualifications or acquiring new ones, you increase your chances of earning more. By learning new things, you send a signal to the employer that you are able to cope with more difficult and often new tasks. Extended responsibilities may earn you a better salary.

3. You develop skills

Skills are important to the employer. Especially those, where you can gain theoretical and practical knowledge combined. There are different ways of learning and in today's market situation, there are numerous programs and schemes that offering additional courses.

4. You will become more courageous and fearless

Learning involves devoting your free time, but also overcoming the barrier of fear of the unknown. Despite many doubts, you decide to change something in your life, and the willingness to do so will be appreciated by your employer. A number of employers collaborate with upskilling companies and offer courses for free bet there are other ways of getting the ball rolling. Nevertheless, if you make a full use of the newly acquired skills at work, the employer may offer you the next course seeing it as a good investment.

5. You will become matchless
Let's face it, if you are a multitasking worker, have a lot of qualifications and skills that the company uses, you have a good chance not to end up on the list of people to be laid off. If there are job cuts in the company, employees with short work experience and without qualifications usually are let go first. However, even if the situation of unemployment occurs, your knowledge and skills will make you a competitive and attractive candidate and you will not be looking for a new job for a long time.

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