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Things you should know about working in a warehouse


Working in a warehouse can be a fulfilling experience and can provide many opportunities for growth and learning. We have spoken to warehouse managers across Leicestershire to discover what things you need to know about and what kind of candidates they’re looking for. There are numerous factors to consider before starting a warehouse role which will be discussed in this article. Many things will also be relevant for people already working in a warehouse so waste no time and read on!


warehouse work


Typically, when you think of working in a warehouse the first things that come to mind are the jobs of packing goods and unloading them. Whilst these operations are still essential, there are many other roles involved such as forklift operators, computer system analyst, data manager as well as general management. Forklift operator roles involve moving objects from one location to another using a powered industrial truck. This requires you to complete a safety course and obtain a forklift license to be able to drive the truck in a warehouse. To work as a computer system analyst or data manager you would need a high school diploma, knowledge of using computers and at least two years of warehouse experience.


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