Zero hours contracts

A zero hour’s contract puts you in a very weak position at work. Even if you get the same rights to the minimum wage, holiday, sick pay and maternity leave, it does not give you guaranteed working hours.

You cannot be paid less than the National Living/Minimum Wage and your wage will appear on your job contract. In the contract your employer will also inform you of the percentage of your salary which would be for the National Insurance system.

The National Minimum Wage changes every year. You can check it here: https://www.gov.uk/national-minimum-wage-rates

Some employers pay higher wages than those listed above. Some employers pay the “Real Living Wage” which is based on the cost of living and is voluntarily paid by over 4,200 UK employers.

This rate also changes every year; you can check the rate updates here.

Payslips/wage slips

A Payslip is a note given to an employee when they have been paid, with the information that details the amount of pay given, and the tax and insurance deducted.

You are also entitled to get a P60 and P45 form. A P60 form shows the tax you have paid on your salary in the tax year from 6 April to 5 April.

The P60 form can help you to:

  • claim back overpaid tax
  • apply for tax credits
  • act as a proof of your income if you apply for a loan or mortgage

A P45 shows how much tax you have paid on your salary so far in the tax year from 6 April to 5 April and you get it when you stop working for your employer.

What to do if your employer doesn't pay you?

If you work for your employer and they refuse to pay you for your work, this is what can you do:

  • Talk to your employer about the situation In cases where this does not work, write a letter making a formal complaint and keep a copy
  • If the actions described above do not work and you need to take further action you can make a claim to an Employment Tribunal.
  • If you are dismissed because you have notified your employer about this injustice, then you can report it to an Employment Tribunal as an unfair dismissal.

Please find more information on: http://www.lawcentres.org.uk/lcn-s-work/living-rights-project/know-your-rights

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